Apple’s Customers Love It, The Biden White House Thinks They Can Improve

The purpose of the action that the Justice Department has filed against Apple is to break the company’s notoriously tight grasp on the iPhone, which is the gadget that has made Apple one of the most successful and largest firms in the world. The dispute, however, is already shedding light on the two sides of Apple: the cool, high-end technology brand that buyers admire, and the ruthless, unavoidable monster that developers despise. This is the case regardless of what happens in court.

The deal is as follows: The federal government asserts that Apple is preserving a monopoly that stifles competition, deprives customers of choice, and eventually forces them to pay more for their products. The response that Apple has given to the charges is, more or less, a) no, we don’t, and b) good luck showing that we have caused harm to our customers when everyone loves us. It is at this point that this struggle between Goliath and Goliath becomes even more intriguing.

Customers are extremely fond of Apple. With the help of our phones, watches, laptops, and AirPods, we are able to assure that we are never forced to be alone with our thoughts (unless, heaven forbid, you forgot to charge them). In all honesty, I am currently composing this piece on an Apple keyboard that is connected to a MacBook that is connected to iCloud, and if I were forced to move to a personal computer, I would have a meltdown. In its statement to the media on Thursday, which was extensively disseminated, Apple even made a reference to this fact:

We develop every day in order to make technology that people enjoy. This includes designing products that are able to function together without any problems, safeguarding the privacy and security of individuals, and providing our consumers with an experience that is truly wonderful. The business continued by saying, “This lawsuit threatens who we are and the principles that set Apple products apart in markets that are fiercely competitive.”

And it is true that the gods felt it was appropriate to place Steve Jobs and Jony Ive, the renowned product designer who was responsible for Apple’s most successful products, in the same room at the same time, and the world was never the same again. Both the design and the software of their products were of high quality. Despite the fact that they were never inexpensive, they were stunning, user-friendly, and simply gorgeous. Apple became a technology icon with one billion devoted customers with the assistance of the most successful marketing staff in the history of Silicon Valley.

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