Violence in Port-au-Prince while the world delays Haiti action.Violence in Port-au-Prince while the world delays Haiti action.

During the process of rushing her little child into a waiting car, a lady hides his eyes and half-drags him into the vehicle. Additional members of the family follow behind with heavy baggage, averting their gaze as they do so. They are leaving the city, despite the fact that doing so will require them to travel over roads controlled by gangs. The cause can be found in the street that is outside of their home: A charred body; the remains of a person who was believed to be a member of a gang and was slain by their neighbors. He appears to be pleading with God by bending his knees and pitching his torso forward. He has metal cables wrapped around the burnt skin of his body. In the past two days, CNN has witnessed a total of four bodies of this kind.

Just up the hill, another mother is racing for a helicopter that is waiting for her while she is clutching her child. When she was forced to leave quickly by armed guards, she reportedly left her car seat behind, according to eyewitnesses who spoke to CNN. A video of the trip shows a fight breaking out on the ground as the helicopter lifts off, which is garnering attention. The helicopter landing that was not allowed is attracting attention. They are trying to escape anarchy. Up until yesterday, individuals such as these were the ones who remained in Port-au-Prince despite having the ability to leave; they remained until the situation became intolerable. The Caribbean nation is currently experiencing a level of horror that has never been seen before, and even they are leaving.

Over the course of the past three weeks, the capital of Haiti has been caught in a vicious cycle that is significantly more significant than the kidnapping and gang violence for which it was already renowned. An insurgent league consisting of heavily armed gangs is currently participating in a fight against the city itself. They are looking for additional territory and are attacking governmental institutions and the police.

As a result of their fear and anger, vigilante groups are enclosing their communities with chains and trees that have been fallen, and they are also killing and burning strangers who are suspected of belonging to gangs. People believe that this is the only way for them to defend themselves. Despite the fact that human remains are laying around in the streets, the global security mission that Haiti’s neighbors have been praising for a long time as a potential game-changer for the country’s gang problem has not been found.

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