Miguel Luna Death Notice, Victims Of The Baltimore, MD Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse Identified

Miguel Luna Obituary, Death –¬†Tragically, 49-year-old Miguel Luna, a father of three, was killed on Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge. He was a hard worker who had been on the bridge when the cargo ship crash that caused the bridge to collapse happened. Miguel left behind broken hearts and treasured memories after calling Maryland home for over 19 years. He was originally from El Salvador. The profound anguish of loss is conveyed by his wife as she laments his absence.

Maynor Suazo: A Family Man with Hope for Closure

Another unfortunate casualty of the fall was Maynor Suazo, who was 37 years old. He and his family emigrated to the US from Honduras in 2006 in search of a better life. The family of Maynor, who has a son who is 18 years old and a daughter who is five years old, is struggling to come to terms with the unknown while holding on to hope and praying for his recovery. As with many other families impacted by the tragedy, his brother Martin Suazo is in deep pain and longs for answers and a chance to say goodbye.

A Community in Mourning

Along with other persons who are still missing and believed dead, the death of these two has left the Baltimore community reeling. Supporting bereaved families at this difficult time, the Guatemalan consulate reveals that two of the missing individuals were citizens of their nation. The victims, who were presumably Brawner Builders employees, were fixing potholes on the bridge when the accident happened.

Unfathomable Loss and Resilience

Hope wanes as rescue efforts persist and the situation becomes more apparent. Brawner Builders’ Jeffrey Pritzker has spoken out about the disaster, stating his surprise at its size and acknowledging the awful reality. The sad news is delivered by Coastguard Rear Admiral Shannon N. Gilreath: the missing persons are considered dead due to the severe weather and the amount of time that has passed since the collapse.

Following this tragic incident, the community rallies around one another in grief, solidarity, and respect for the memories of the victims. Their memories live on in the hearts of those who loved them, and the community they belonged to will never be the same without Miguel Luna, Maynor Suazo, and others like them.

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