Kevin Hubbard Obituary, Community Lost A Beloved Resident

Kevin Hubbard Obituary, Death – Yesterday morning, we were shocked to learn of the unexpected demise of our lifelong friend, Kevin Hubbard. Our hearts are filled with an overwhelming sense of sorrow. After nearly sixty years of memories that we have shared together, Kevin’s sudden departure has left us in a state of utter disbelief and despair. Our most heartfelt condolences and thoughts are with his family during this trying time, especially with Sue, who was the one who became aware of his existence.

An Infinite Length of Memories

From the time we were children until we became adults, Kevin and I kept a lot of memories together. Our friendship remained unbreakable throughout our entire lives, from the joyful days we spent playing football on the Beaco to the malicious shenanigans we engaged in as children. During the time that we were just nine or ten years old, we were wrongfully accused of stealing three hundred pounds worth of sixpences, shillings, and two bobs. I remember this with a lot of fondness. On Saturdays, we continued our travels by making paper rounds for Chadwicks and working at Beach Coach Station, where we were responsible for luggage. We even found sources of enjoyment in unorthodox ways, such as during our time at The Wimpy on Regent Road, when we entertained ourselves by throwing eggs from the backyard over the roof and into Regent Road, taking pleasure in the responses of people who were unaware of what was going on.

Over the Course of Time

In later years of our lives, our paths varied, yet the bond between us remained strong. Kevin was never more than a phone call away, regardless of the distance between them. In the course of our conversation, we reminisced about our school days, during which he attended Hospital School and I attended Tech. We recalled our football matches, in which he never accomplished scoring against me.

It’s goodbye, Spike.

As we say our goodbyes to Kevin, who was affectionately referred to as Spike, may he rest in peace for all of eternity. We are left with a hole in our hearts that can never be filled that his absence has left. Dear friend, may you finally find rest. You are going to be sorely missed, but all of us will carry your memories with us always and forever in our hearts.

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